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Italy, New Zealand: Speed Cameras Protested
Motorists express their displeasure toward speed cameras in Italy and New Zealand.

Italian speed camera protestIn Waikato, New Zealand, a mobile speed camera vehicle driver told Fairfax News "I get a real buzz out of catching people doing high speeds." The response to this attitude from the general public has been contempt. All of the photo radar van drivers in the area have been called "road nazi," "revenue gatherer" and other insults that the camera crew were afraid to repeat.

In Varese, Italy an anti-photo enforcement protest was organized on Saturday morning. Fifty people showed up at Parco Usuelli in Cardano al Campo to condemn the town administrators for their use of photo radar. According to La Provincia di Varese, one of the primary complaints was that the massive fines did not arrive immediately after the alleged infraction, but weeks later in batches.