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Cyprus, France, Spain, UK: Ticket Cameras Sabotaged
Last week saw numerous attacks on photo radar and related ticketing devices in France, Cyprus, England and Spain.

French speed camera sprayed orange
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

The majority of motorists in London, England, will face large tolls any time they drive beginning August 29, and some are fighting back. The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is set to expand to cover all of Greater London and its 9 million inhabitants, which charges applied to anyone driving a vehicle not currently in favor with politicians. The program was introduced to tax drivers only in the congested downtown corridor, but its application steadily expanded as it proved useful to social planners in the capital city. License plate recognition cameras are now being installed in preparation for the final expansion of the taxing corridor, but vigilantes seek to slow the process. Locals are reporting the ticketing cameras installed on the A21 in Bromley was cut down just 24 hours after its installation on April 17. Other devices have had their wires cut or been taken down in other South London boroughs throughout March. In Kent, police formed a dragnet to capture a rogue motorcyclist photographed flipping off the speed camera six times on Pembury Road. Enraged officers tracked down the 44-year-old rider and charged him with "anti-social behavior" on April 26.

In Pachna, Cyprus, on Sunday, a group of six men wearing masks threw rocks at the speed camera van that had been issuing automated tickets on the E601. According to officials, the van driver was injured when a rock shattered the window. The man, an employee of the private company in charge of automated ticketing, was treated and released from the hospital.

A man driving past a speed camera trap on the SC-20 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, became so upset when the device flashed that he pulled over and smashed the lens of the device with a hammer on Friday, April 28. After hearing that police had evidence that could lead to him, he turned himself in to authorities. The camera is one of the most profitable in the region, generating around 2 million euros (US $2.2 million) annually.

On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RD1083 in Gevingey, France, was set on fire. Orange was the color used to blind the speed camera on the RD18 in Saint-Andre-de-Messei.

In Karlsruhe, Germany, vigilantes used duct tape to blind multiple speed cameras along Pforzheimer Strasse, as well as on Enzstrasse in Spielberg, on Monday, May 1.

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