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Molotov Cocktails And Trash Cans Defeat Speed Cameras
Automated ticketing machines were attacked last week in Georgia, Canada, France, Cyprus, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Trashed German speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Limassol, Cyprus, on Friday, vigilantes tossed a Molotov cocktail at a mobile speed camera van. The throw fell short of the photo radar equipment and no damage was done. The speed camera in Macon, Georgia, was not so lucky after it failed to prevent an accident. A 2011 Ford Escape lost control and slammed into the pole-mounted device on Zebulon Road on March 26.

In Sudbury, Canada, three speed cameras installed on March 22 have already been knocked out of service. One was knocked over and another was blinded with spraypaint. In Pontardawe, Wales, vigilantes cut down the pole-mounted speed camera on the A4067 last week.

Vigilantes in Epernay, France, on Saturday blinded the speed camera on the RD3 with yellow paint. In Menoncourt, the speed camera installed on Friday on the RD 83 was blinded with spraypaint within less than 24 hours. In Montilly-sur-Noireau, the turret speed camera on the RD962 was cut down on Monday, April 1.

In Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, vigilantes on Friday smashed the lenses of the speed camera on Moerser Strasse. On the previous day, opponents of automated ticketing in Aulendorf used black and orange spraypaint to prevent the speed camera on K8034 from issuing automated citations. In Haltern am See, vigilantes last week blinded a speed camera by covering the photo radar pole with a garbage can. In Friedrichshafen, the red light camera on Bundesstrasse 31 was smashed on Sunday, March 31.

In Pieve di Cento, Italy, a man blinded the speed camera on Via Cremona by smearing its lens with feces. In Marciano della Chiana, the lenses of two speed cameras were coated with spraypaint on Thursday. On the previous day in Fiesole, photo radar foes used black tape to disable the newly installed speed camera on Via Faentina. In Civitanova Marche, the speed camera on the SP485 was knocked over on Saturday, March 30, after it failed to prevent an accident.

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