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Speed camera buried in hay
Italian Officials Claim To Have Captured Fleximan
Officials in Italy say they have unmasked an anti-speed camera vigilante. Photo radar devices were also buried in hay in France last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
   Italian authorities launched an unprecedented dragnet to capture Fleximan, the anti-speed camera vigilante who captured the imagination of millions of the country's drivers. Police raided the home of Enrico Mantoan, a 42-year-old metalworker from Padua with the intention of charging him with the destruction of five automated ticketing machines with an angle grinder. Police have already begun leaking information from the man's social me ...

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Sliced UK speed camera
Europeans Cut Down, Torch Speed Cameras
Vigilantes smashed, sliced and scorched dozens of speed cameras in France, Germany, Italy and the UK last week.

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Red spraypaint on French speed camera
Canadian, Italian, French, German Speed Camera Blinded
Vigilantes in Canada, France, Germany, Italy spraypainted and smashed several speed cameras last week.

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Knocked over speed camera
Anti-Speed Camera Actions In Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
A half-dozen speed cameras were taken out last week in Australia, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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Damage to French speed camera
Canada, France, Italy: Dozens Of Speed Cameras Blinded
Over a dozen automated ticketing machines were taken out last week in Canada, France and Italy.

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