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Justice Peter J. Rubin
Massachusetts Court Reins In Pretext Stop And Search
Appeals Court says Massachusetts traffic cops may no longer use a pretext stop to impound and search a car.

By John F. Carr
   Two favorite tactics used by traffic police in Massachusetts -- the pretext stop and the inventory search -- may no longer be automatically combined to justify an inventory search of a car stopped on a pretext under a ruling handed down earlier this month by the state Appeals Court.
   In 1973, the US Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Opperman that police could search cars that they had impounded based on the legal fiction that the search was for the purpose of "co ...

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Burning speed camera in France
Attacks On French Speed Cameras Slow With Lockdown
Pressure to further limit travel in France meant fewer speed cameras were disabled last week.

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Rep. Curt Nisly
Virus Scare Being Used To Advance Indiana, Virginia Speed Cameras
Indiana House advances a bill to install speed cameras on freeways while Virginia jurisdictions race to become first to install photo radar.

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French speed camera chopped down
Belgian, French And Italian Speed Cameras Attacked
Placing speed cameras on poles failed to save them from destruction in France, but Italy says poles will protect their cameras.

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John W. Rice
Illinois Appellate Court Approves Intersection Lane Changing
Second highest court in Illinois says police may not stop drivers for changing lanes in the middle of an intersection.

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