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French speed camera with white paint
Spraypaint Blinds French Speed Cameras
A quick coat of paint across the lens kept several high-volume French automated ticketing machined from issuing tickets.

Opponents of automated ticketing machines in France in the past two weeks have been blinding speed cameras. On Sunday, the speed camera on the RN19 near Amblans-et-Velotte had red spraypaint sprayed across its lens and another line below making it look like a smiley face. On October 10, vigilantes performed the 19th attack on the speed camera located on the RD1029 in Proyart ...

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Judge Ringland
Ohio Court of Appeals Again Rescues Speed Cameras
Ohio Court of Appeals decision reverses course to save speed cameras from a class action lawsuit in New Miami.

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Burned camera in Trier
France, Germany, Italy: Vigilantes Thwart Government Revenue Estimates
French officials seek rebound in photo radar revenue once virus lockdowns ease, but vigilantes acted last week to prevent that from happening.

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Scofflaw notice
New Orleans, Louisiana Dodges Payment Of $25 Million Owed To Motorists
New Orleans, Louisiana seeks dismissal of federal lawsuit charging it with failure to pay court-ordered refunds to wrongly fined motorists.

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Tar pile blocks speed camera
Canada, France: Speed Cameras Tarred and Torched
Several automated ticketing machines in France and Canada were torched, toppled, tarred and tagged last week.

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