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Illinois Supreme Court
Illinois Supreme Court Confirms Existence Of Illegal Traffic Ticket Quota
Sparta, Illinois, traffic ticket quota struck down as illegal by the state Supreme Court.

Many states have laws prohibiting government officials from imposing traffic ticket quotas on police officers, but they are routinely ignored. Localities are often able to achieve the goal of increasing ticket-writing activity without having the formal "quota" label for the revenue generating demands placed on police officers. On Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court refused to play word games and struck down an "activity point" system as illegal.
   The city of Sparta had thought in 2013 it coul ...

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Western Australia speed camera destroyed
Australia, France, Germany UK: Speed Cameras Sidelined
Vigilante attacks in Europe and Australia disabled a handful of speed cameras last week.

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West Virginia Supreme Court
West Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Anything Goes Traffic Stops
Supreme Court in West Virginia rejects out-of-jurisdiction DUI traffic stop as unreasonable.

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PlusPass and Verra Mobility
Verra Mobity Faces Class Action Over Unfair Toll Practices
Cost of using a toll road in a rental car could drop if federal antitrust lawsuit opens competition in the market.

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Flipped Italian speed camera
Canada, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Shot, Burned
Automated ticketing machines around the world were disabled in a number of ways over the past few weeks.

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