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Torched French speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Disruption
French and German vigilantes last week disabled a handful of speed cameras with fire and spraypaint.

In Ludwigsburg, Germany, vigilantes on March 28 disabled the speed camera stationed on Markgroninger Strasse by spraying it with orange paint, Polizeiprasidium Ludwigsburg reported. Vigilantes on Easter Sunday eliminated the speed camera on the RD517A in Vaulx-en-Velin, France. The device was set on fire just three days after it had been installed. In Breville-sur-Mer, ...

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MUTCD changes coming soon
OPINION: Federal Transportation Policy Sides With Anti-Car Activists
Commentary on the upcoming changes to Federal Highway Administration rules that will turn every road into a potential speed trap. Part 1 of a series

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Non essential speed camera
France, Italy, UK: Vigilantes Declare Speed Cameras Non Essential
Speed cameras in France disabled as Non Essential while cameras in Italy and UK were cut down last week.

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Scofflaw notice
Louisiana: Federal Judge Wants City To Refund Illegal Traffic Camera Fines
Federal court asserts jurisdiction over a case that seeks to force New Orleans, Louisiana to refund illegally collected photo radar tickets.

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Bad speed camera reading
Accuracy Concern Shuts Down German Speed Cameras, Vigilantes Shut Down Others
German government standards agency halts use of laser speed camera over failed accuracy test. Vigilantes shut down cameras in France, South Africa.

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