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Toppled French speed camera
Worldwide Speed Camera Attacks Continue
Vigilantes eliminated well over a dozen automated ticketing machines in Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and Germany last week.

In Milan, Italy, the guerrilla artist who goes by the name Biancoshock turned a speed camera into a public art exhibit by placing a thermometer inside the empty housing, turning it into a pandemic "health checkpoint" instead of a speed checkpoint. A lone vigilante has disabled a dozen speed cameras across Kassel, Germany, according to an announcement Wednesday from Polizei ...

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Judge Jill A. Pryor
Federal Appeals Court Revives Florida Red Light Camera Challenge
Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals restores multi-million dollar unjust enrichment lawsuit against Florida red light cameras.

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Burning French speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Burn
A handful of speed cameras were blinded, bisected and burned in France and Italy last week.

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Clean Air Zone map
UK Tolling Zone Introduced In The Name Of Clean Air
Birmingham, England, completes preparation for tolling zone set to debut in June.

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Guadeloupe speed camera torched
Canada, France: Speed Cameras Burned And Blinded
Vigilantes in Canada and France took out a half-dozen speed cameras last week.

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