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Red paint on speed camera
Shots Fired At Photo Radar Van In Cyprus, Cameras Blinded In France, Italy
Shots were fired at a photo radar van in Cyprus, while speed cameras in France and Italy were torched or spraypainted last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Shots were fired Friday at two police officers on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus as they sat inside a speed camera van on the A9 in the capital city of Nicosia. While the officers were not hit, the window of their vehicle shattered, causing minor abrasions to the back of their heads. According to police, a forensic examination suggested a shotgun was used in the attack. The photo radar van drivers in Cyprus proved luckier than th ...

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Speed camera in a ditch
Rise In Attacks On Photo Radar In New Mexico, France, Germany
Speed cameras are increasingly being disabled in New Mexico, Canada, France and Germany.

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Blocking a speed camera van inWales
Speed Camera Blocking On The Rise Worldwide
Speed camera blocking on the rise in Wales and Australia, while cameras were rammed and blinded in France and Germany last week.

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Spraypainted Canadian camera
Speed Cameras Toppled And Torched In Canada, Germany, Italy
A half-dozen automated ticketing machines were knocked out of service in Canada, Germany and Italy last week.

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Emil Jones III
Powerful Illinois Politician Responds To Photo Enforcement Bribery Charge
Illinois State Senator Emil Jones III entered a not guilty plea Friday to charges he took bribes from the co-founder of red light camera company Safespeed.

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