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Redflex Shareholders To Decide On Company Sale
Australian shareholders to decide whether red light camera vendor is sold to Verra Mobility.

Verra Mobility wants to dominate the automated ticketing industry, and, if Australian investors agree, the Arizona-based company will soon enjoy a near-monopoly position in red light camera and speed camera services. On Thursday, Redflex urged its shareholders to approve Verra Mobility's proposed buy-out offer. Under the deal, Verra Mobility would take control of Redflex by paying 92 cents for each outstanding share (the Australian company had been trading at just 40 cents when the offer was mad ...

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Lots of stop signs
OPINION: Proposed Rules Would Put Stops Signs Anywhere, Everywhere
Commentary on the upcoming changes to Federal Highway Administration rules that allow placement of stop signs just about anywhere. Part 2 of a series

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Torched French speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Disruption
French and German vigilantes last week disabled a handful of speed cameras with fire and spraypaint.

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MUTCD changes coming soon
OPINION: Federal Transportation Policy Sides With Anti-Car Activists
Commentary on the upcoming changes to Federal Highway Administration rules that will turn every road into a potential speed trap. Part 1 of a series

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Non essential speed camera
France, Italy, UK: Vigilantes Declare Speed Cameras Non Essential
Speed cameras in France disabled as Non Essential while cameras in Italy and UK were cut down last week.

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