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Leaning Italian speed camera
Brazil, France, Italy: Photo Radar In Retreat
Brazil implements speed camera reform while vigilantes reduce the number of automated ticketing machines in France and Italy.

Vigilantes in Pleslin-Trigavou, France, on Sunday eliminated the threat of receiving an automated ticket on the RN176 by covering the newly installed speed camera's lenses with orange spraypaint. On Friday, the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD104 in Chabrillan read more >> 

L. Louise Lucas with Governor Northam
Virginia Considers Limiting Traffic Stops Over Minor Infractions
Police would no longer be able to pull over motorists over minor equipment violations under a measure passed by the Virginia Senate.

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Scorched Belgian speed camera
Belgium, France, Germany: Speed Cameras Busted
Multiple speed cameras were destroyed or disabled last week in Europe.

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Omar Maani
Red Light Camera Company Co-Owner Charged In Bribery Scheme
Omar Maani, co-founder of Safespeed, indicted on federal charges as part of a red light camera bribery scheme.

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Judge Carlos F. Lucero
Court Blasts Speed Kills Justification For Oklahoma City Panhandler Ban
Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals rejects public safety claim of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ordinance banning roadside panhandlers.

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