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Emil Jones III
Powerful Illinois Politician Responds To Photo Enforcement Bribery Charge
Illinois State Senator Emil Jones III entered a not guilty plea Friday to charges he took bribes from the co-founder of red light camera company Safespeed.

By Richard Diamond Illinois State Senator Emil Jones III (D-Chicago) appeared in federal court today on charges that he took bribes from the politically connected red light camera provider Safespeed. Appearing before US District Judge Andrea R. Wood, Jones entered a not guilty plea in response to allegations that he took cash from the photo enforcement firm's co-founder in return for legislative actions that promoted automated enforcement. Jones in the read more >> 

Flipped Smart car
Italian Camera Traps Driver, German Speed Cameras Torched
A red light camera failed to prevent an accident last week as German vigilantes set fire to a pair of speed cameras.

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Trashed Belgian speed camera
Spraypaint And Gunfire Defeats Speed Cameras In Belgium, France, Italy
White spraypaint takes out three French speed cameras, a saw and a gun disabled two Italian cameras and a Belgian camera was rammed last week.

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Redflex traffic camera
Saboteurs In Hawaii, Germany Thwart Traffic Cameras
Red light cameras in Hawaii are delayed by vigilante attack, while a German speed camera is bashed with its own sign.

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German mobile speed camera
German Vigilantes Knock Out Five Speed Cameras
Five photo radar units were either swiped, smashed or spraypainted in Germany over the past two weeks.

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