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Speed Cameras Smashed, Scorched In Europe and Australia
Automated ticketing machines were under attack last week in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the UK last week.

German speed camera smashed
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Police in New South Wales, Australia, reported a photo radar van was involved in a fatal crash on Sunday. A speed camera-equipped Hyundai Santa Fe SUV had been positioned on the side of the road to trap passing motorists on Freemans Drive in Cooranbong when a passing Subaru Impreza crashed into the vehicle. An 18-year-old passenger in the Subaru died at the scene, while the 18-year-old driver was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Vigilantes in Tasmania scorched a mobile speed camera trailer that had been set up to trap motorists on Boyer Road on Sunday, April 7. The automated ticketing machinery was towed away from the scene.

Italy's anti-speed camera hero Fleximan has taken a break, but others are picking up where he left off. The automated ticketing machine in Bonate Sotto that was one of Fleximan's early victims was returned to service after Easter by officials intent on restoring the volume of automated ticketing. The device was blinded last week with red spraypaint.

In Rochefort-sur-Nenon, France, vigilantes on Thursday covered the lens of the speed camera on the RD673 with gray spraypaint. In Brehal on Wednesday, automated ticketing opponents torched the speed camera on the RD971. Two nearby cameras on the RD924 remain out of service from previous attacks.

In Asse, Belgium, vigilantes sliced through a speed camera pole on Langestraat in Kobbegem on Friday. In Grevenbroich, Germany, on Monday, April 8, two men used a hammer to smash the lenses of the speed camera on Provinzstrasse. The device was also doused with gasoline.

In Rochester, England, another speed camera has been turned into a "bat box" to house an endangered species. The device, on Hollywood Lane in Wainscott, also had its lens spraypainted black. A flyer attached to the photo radar device's pole explained it is a crime to remove the places where bats live.

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