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Canada, France, Italy: Dozens Of Speed Cameras Blinded
Over a dozen automated ticketing machines were taken out last week in Canada, France and Italy.

Damage to French speed camera
Farmers in the Cote-d'Or department of France blinded more than a dozen speed cameras on Wednesday. Local farmers claimed responsibility, explaining this was a protest against the government's failure to deliver promised payments. Masked individuals covered the cameras to deny the government the automated ticketing payments it expected to receive. Elsewhere, a pair of speed cameras on the RD924 and RD900 near Granville and Villedieu-les-Poeles were also set on fire, but not destroyed.

In Pisogne, Italy, pink paint was generously applied to the speed camera on Strada Provinciale 510 on Thursday, thwarting its ability to issue automated citations.

Vigilantes in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, on Tuesday took out the recently reactivated speed camera on Victoria Avenue. This was the third such attack in the past month.

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