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Italian Speed Camera Riddled With Thirty Bullets
Vigilantes declared open season on speed cameras in France, Germany, Italy and Spain last week.

Speed camera bullet holes
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Vigilantes in San Filippo a Palmi, Italy, opened fire on the speed camera located on Strada Statale 18 on Friday. The device was riddled with thirty bullet holes. In Merone, the speed camera on Via Roma was ripped out of the ground and knocked over on Monday, March 18. In Ariccia, the speed camera on Via Rufelli was destroyed after it failed to prevent an accident on Sunday, March 17. The collision knocked the automated ticketing machine off the side of the road.

In Varaville, France, vigilantes on Wednesday torched the speed camera on the RD27 as well as the automated ticketing machine on the RD713 in Bavent. In La Voivre, members of the young farmers union JA88 used orange and blue spraypaint to blind the speed camera on the RN59 on Sunday, March 17.

In Fulda, Germany vigilantes defaced the speed camera on Leipziger Strasse on Tuesday, March 12th. In Cilleros, Spain, a man grabbed the mobile speed camera trap from the CC-3.1. Police in Caceres last week accused a 53-year-old man of taking the device.

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