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Cadoneghe, Italy photo radar protest
Canada, France, Germany, Italy: Anti-Speed Camera Activity Rises
Sit-in demonstration against speed cameras planned in Italy while devices are disabled in Canada, France and Germany.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
   Residents upset at the use of speed cameras filled a city council meeting hall in Cadoneghe, Italy, on Wednesday. They complained about the photo radar units on the SR307 that have issued 25,382 automated tickets since June. Organizers plan a major protest on September 19 that will include a sit-in demonstration ...

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French burned speed camera
Europeans, Canadians Continue To Resist Speed Cameras
Attacks on photo radar and license plate reader cameras multiplied last week in Canada, France, Germany, Italy and England.

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French speed camera toppled and torched
France, Germany, Italy, UK Ticketing Cameras Slashed
Speed cameras in France, Germany and Italy were disabled last week as London, England, motorists fought back against congestion charging cameras.

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ULEZ protest poster
Pushback Against Ticketing And Tax Cameras In Italy, UK
ULEZ cameras in London, England, draw complaints while spraypaint eliminated photo radar trap in Italy.

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Torched speed camera in France
European Resistance To Speed Cameras Grows
Vigilantes last week destroyed or disabled dozens of photo radar devices in Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany and Italy.

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