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Decorated French speed camera
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Reduced
German authorities admitted a speed camera caused an accident, while French officials are expecting boosted photo radar profit. Italian cameras were beheaded last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports The French government has been recovering from the widespread destruction of speed cameras during the "Yellow Vest" revolt against automated ticketing and the tactics of President Emmanuel Macron. Profit from automated ticketing machines peaked in 2017, with the citation revenue surpassing a cool billion euros (US $1.1 billion). In 2020 and 2021, ticket revenue also suffered from the Covid scare lockdo ...

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Burned French speed camera, April 2023
Speed Cameras Subverted In France, Germany, Italy
More than ten European speed cameras were removed from service last week by fire, gunfire, paint, stickers and kicks.

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Spraypainted Canadian speed camera
Canada, France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Smashed
A half-dozen speed cameras were knocked out of commission last week in Canada, France, Germany and Italy.

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Stranded Australian speed camera
Australia, France, Germany, UK Speed Cameras Rendered Useless
More than a dozen speed cameras were taken out in Australia, France, Germany and England last week.

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Speed camera crash in Germany
Anti-Speed Camera Activism Spreads In France, Germany, Martinique
Vigilantes in France and Martinique torched a dozen speed cameras last week. A German photo radar device contributed to its own destruction.

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