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Ohio Chief Justice
Ohio Supreme Court Takes Up Another Photo Ticketing Case
Ohio Supreme Court justices express skepticism at effort by Cleveland to avoid repaying illegally issued red light and speed camera tickets.

By Richard Diamond Cleveland, Ohio, is still paying the price for its decision to install red light cameras and speed cameras seven years after 78 percent of voters forced city officials to pull the plug. The state Supreme Court on Tuesday heard oral argument in a suit that could hold the city liable for $4.1 million in refunds for motorists who leased or rented their vehicles and received automated tickets not authorized by law. Cl ...

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French speed camera with red paint
Speed Camera In Fatal New Zealand Accident, Cameras Attacked In Europe
A speed camera van was involved in a fatal New Zealand collision while vigilantes disabled cameras in England, France, Italy and Luxembourg last week.

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Waterbury Police
Federal Judge: Connecticut Cops May Not Handcuff Driver With Gun Permit
Presenting a legal gun permit during a traffic stop is not probable cause for a de facto arrest, a federal judge in Connecticut ruled last month.

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Spraypainted orange speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Camera Attacks Heat Up
Vigilantes continued to remove multiple speed cameras from operation in France and Germany last week.

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Orange County Toll Road
California Toll Road Agency Settles Class Action Lawsuit
Toll roads in Southern California settle $175 million lawsuit over privacy invasion and outrageous penalty fees.

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