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Spraypainted speed camera in Italy
Speed Cameras Shown Disrespect In Belgium, Germany, Italy
German man busted by speed camera without speeding. Other European cameras were burned and spraypainted last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Attacks on photo radar units are becoming more frequent in Germany. Today, vigilantes in Crailsheim poured diesel fuel over the mobile speed camera trailer located at the intersection of Pamiersring and Bertha-Dinkel-Weg, setting off an intense blaze that took out the device. Also today, explosives were used to completely destroy the traffic camera on Cisinskistrasse in Panschwitz-Kuckau. On Friday, vigilantes in Albbruck torched the ...

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Toppled Canadian speed camera
Speed Camera Causes An Accident, Vigilantes Retaliate
Vigilantes took action last week against photo radar devices in Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

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Smashed Austrian speed camera
Austria, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Smashed
A handful of speed and license plate recognition cameras were disabled last week in Austria, Italy and England.

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French speed camera sprayed orange
Cyprus, France, Spain, UK: Ticket Cameras Sabotaged
Last week saw numerous attacks on photo radar and related ticketing devices in France, Cyprus, England and Spain.

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Burned speed camera in France
German Man Arrested For Insulting Speed Camera Crew, More French Cameras Burn
Attacks on speed cameras in France in Italy continued last week as German officials arrested a man for flipping off a speed camera.

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