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Speed camera blocks toilet
Toilet Treatment For German Speed Camera, More Damage In France, Italy, UK
Toilet thwarts German speed camera, UK photo radar fails to prevent an accident and French and Italian vigilantes continue trashing cameras.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports In Rochdale, England, the speed camera on Edenfield Road, was destroyed Friday after it failed to prevent an accident. The car that struck the automated ticketing device suffered severe damage and its driver was taken to the hospital with serious head injuries. In Jena, Germany, vigilantes on Friday smeared an unknown substance over the ...

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Smiley speed camera
Speed Camera Perversion In Australia, Destruction In France, Germany, Italy
Australian speed camera caught taking upskirt photo while vigilantes disabled a dozen photo radar devices in France, Germany and Italy last week.

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Burned French turret speed camera
Anti-speed Camera Activism Heats Up In France, Germany, Luxembourg
A half dozen speed cameras were cut down or burned last week as vigilantes in Germany and Luxembourg also took action against the devices.

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Flipping off the photo radar
Speed Cameras Mocked In Australia, France, Italy, UK
Speed cameras cause an accident in Italy, were protested in Australia and are burned and blinded in France last week.

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No on Canadian speed camera
Canada, Germany Martinique: Speed Cameras Sprayed And Scorched
Speed cameras were disabled with fire and spraypaint in Canada, Martinique and Germany last week.

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