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Sliced French speed camera
Dutch, French Speed Cameras Attacked
Another half-dozen speed cameras were destroyed or disabled in France last week. Officials in The Netherlands give up on replacing destroyed device.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports In Colmar, France, vigilantes on Sunday set fire to the the speed camera on the RD417, preventing it from issuing automated citations. Likewise in Lyon on Friday, the speed camera on the Montee de Choulans was blinde ...

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David Roberts
Red Light Camera Industry Returns To Profitability
Company with near-monopoly in the US automated ticketing market plans to roll out 650 new speed cameras this year.

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Speed camera set on fire in France
Speed Cameras Torched, Toppled In France, Italy
Vigilantes in France and Italy last week set fire to, cut down, and spraypainted more than a half-dozen speed cameras.

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Judge Robert M. Dow Jr
Federal Judge Rejects Red Light Camera Racketeering Lawsuit
US District Court says motorists cannot sue Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois over corruption in its red light camera program.

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Squeezed Italian speed camera
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Squeezed, Sprayed
Vigilantes showed disrespect toward European speed cameras last week.

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