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Speed Cameras Sabotaged In France, Argentina, Italy, UK
A handful of speed cameras were knocked out of service last week in Argentina, France, Italy and England.

Spraypaint on speed camera in France
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Rovigo, Italy, the presence of a speed camera altered the behavior of motorists, causing a serious injury accident on Monday, October 22. A white Ford slammed on the brakes to avoid getting an automated citation in the mail from the photo radar device on the SS16. The ambulance that happened to be following behind was unable to stop in time and hit the Ford. Another ambulance was summoned to the scene to take the occupants of the Ford to the hospital to treat their injuries.

In Rosario, Argentina, activists are making headway in their fight against automated ticketing. Photo radar devices were installed five months ago on Ruta Nacional A008, but the local transportation authority keeps finding the cables powering the speed cameras are severed.

A pair of masked vigilantes in Dewsbury, England, used an angle grinder to cut down a pair of pole-mounted speed cameras, one of which was located on Leeds Road, on Monday, October 23, according to West Yorkshire Police.

Red spraypaint blinded the speed camera on the RD59 in Raves, France, on Tuesday one week after the device was installed.

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Speed Cameras Sabotaged In France, Argentina, Italy, UK

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