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2017 Year In Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2017.

The following were the ten most viewed stories on during 2017.
  1. Ohio Town Ordered To Repay Every Speed Camera Ticket Issued
    A county court ordered New Miami, Ohio to repay every cent collected from motorists from its unconstitutional speed camera program.

  2. Pennsylvania Cops Settle After Sober Man Jailed For DUI
    A man spent five months in prison after being falsely accused of drunk driving by a Pennsylvania state trooper.

  3. Fremont, California Caught Shortening Yellow Times
    Documents show Fremont, California boosted red light camera profit $200,000 per month by shortening yellow time.

  4. Illinois Village Residents Vote Down Red Light Camera, Gas Tax
    More than two-thirds of Merrionette Park, Illinois voters rejected a plan to install a red light camera.

  5. Smith County, Texas Loses Appeal Over Secret Speed Cam Deal
    The Texas Court of Appeals rejected an attempt by Smith County to recall videos of an illegal speed camera deal struck behind closed doors.

  6. Subcontractors Shafted In Texas Toll Road Failure
    Bankrupt Texas toll road stiffs subcontractor who goes to the second highest court in the state in a five-year battle over payment.

  7. Texas Cops Get Overtime For Supporting Red Light Cameras
    Texas cops spend 7 minutes lobbying for red light cameras while billing taxpayers for a full day of work.

  8. Class Action Lawsuit Takes On Alabama Red Light Cameras
    Lawsuit alleges Phenix City, Alabama entered into an unconstitutional photo ticketing arrangement to raise revenue.

  9. California Chief Justice To Strip Rights From Motorists
    Judicial branch seeks to ease its workload by eliminating procedural safeguards for motorists accused of traffic violations in California.

  10. Massachusetts Supreme Court: School Rules Do Not Apply When Driving Past
    Being a passenger in a car driving past a school or park does not trigger drug-free school zone law, Massachusetts Supreme Court rules.

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