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2018 Year In Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2018.

2018 year in review
The following were the ten most viewed stories on during 2018.
  1. Washington Cop On Hook For Door Checking Motorcyclist
    The Washington Court of Appeals declared a state trooper could be held liable for knocking a motorcyclist over the side of a bridge.

  2. Arkansas Town Banned From Issuing Speeding Tickets
    After a year-long attempt to save its ability to issue speeding tickets, the notorious speed trap town of Damascus, Arkansas, was officially declared in violation of the state anti-speed trap law.

  3. Anonymous Hacks Italian Speed Camera Database
    Individuals operating under the banner of the group Anonymous remotely took control of a local police computer system in Correggio, Italy, and deleted speed camera tickets.

  4. Motorists Receiving License Points For Not Checking Tire Pressure
    Irish motorists face higher insurance premiums, potential loss of license and a 80 euro (US $100) ticket if they hit the road without first checking their tire pressure.

  5. Ticket-Fixing Judge Gets Slap On Wrist
    An Indiana judge who gave a free pass to a close friend who skipped out on paying a speeding ticket was himself handed a free pass by the state Supreme Court.

  6. Tennessee Court Strikes Down Paying Lab For DUI Convictions
    Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals found blood and breath test results untrustworthy because the labs had a financial incentive to produce a conviction.

  7. Tennessee Man Sues After Cops Grab His BMW From Garage
    Lawsuit challenged the police seizure of a BMW 750i sedan from the garage of a Tennessee military veteran who had committed no offense.

  8. Federal Judge Questions Tennessee License Suspension Legality
    Federal judge was inclined to strike down a Tennessee law revoking the driver's license of anyone failing to pay court debt -- whether arising from an unpaid speeding ticket or court costs that have nothing to do with driving.

  9. Utah: Cop Cannot Provoke A Violation To Justify A Traffic Stop
    A federal judge rejected a traffic stop conducted by Utah cop who prompted a motorist to move out of his way too quickly on the interstate.

  10. Missouri Court Protects Black Box Data From Cops
    Missouri Court of Appeals rules that police who want to snoop through a vehicle's black box data -- even after an accident -- will have to get a warrant.

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