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2021 Year In Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2021.

2021 Year In Review
By Richard Diamond

The following were the ten most viewed stories on during 2021.
  1. Are Red Light Camera Tickets Now Optional In California?
    A California court case reduced -- and potentially eliminated -- the consequences for ignoring a mailed red light camera citation in the Golden State.

  2. DC Confirms Photo Ticket Payment Optional For Non-Residents
    There was no doubt that non-residents in the District of Columbia could ignore red light camera and speed camera tickets after a report from DC's mayor confirmed there is no penalty for nonpayment by non-residents.

  3. Massachusetts Court Reins In Pretext Stop And Search
    An appellate court ruling concluded that Massachusetts traffic cops may no longer use pretext stops to impound and search cars.

  4. Speed Defeats Belgian Photo Radar, Fire Defeats Cams In France, Germany
    A weekly news roundup covered a motorist in Belgium who defeated a speed camera by driving 190 MPH. A German man grabbed a speed camera and several French cameras were burned in the course of a week.

  5. Italian Speed Camera Sale Thwarted, French Cameras Sprayed
    Another weekly news roundup covered authorities in Italy preventing a 1990s-era speed camera from being sold while vigilantes in France prevented speed cameras from operating.

  6. Another Illinois Political Operative Indicted For Red Light Camera Bribery
    Former Worth Township supervisor John O'Sullivan was indicted in an ongoing federal probe of red light camera bribery in suburban Illinois.

  7. Federal Appeals Court Revives Florida Red Light Camera Challenge
    The Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals restored a multi-million dollar unjust enrichment lawsuit against a Florida red light camera program.

  8. Illinois Appellate Court Approves Intersection Lane Changing
    The second highest court in Illinois concluded in a ruling that police may not stop drivers for changing lanes in the middle of an intersection.

  9. OPINION: Proposed Rules Would Put Stops Signs Anywhere, Everywhere
    A two-part commentary explored upcoming changes to Federal Highway Administration rules that would allow placement of stop signs just about anywhere.

  10. Redflex Shareholders To Decide On Company Sale
    Australian shareholders in April were given the chance to vote on a proposal to sell red light camera vendor Redflex Traffic Systems to Verra Mobility.

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